Schedule 2019 
Book your sailing expedition 60N 20E

s/y Fareata

Contact us directly to discuss details and prizing for a trip arranged for you*.

*We keep the Crew Contribution fee dynamic and flexible depending on our situation and nature of trip. Contact us providing info:

- How many? (2 cabins for 2 peole= 4 sleeping places // 8 places for a Day)

- How long? ( Day Trip / 1 night / 2 nights or more?)

- Wishes? (Birthday gift, Adventure, Learning, Geo-Catching / Distant islands at National Park (outer archipelago: 3+days) , travel, Sports & Sail, etc.  etc. )

NOTE! --- We are currently not available for arranging any trips. Next trips during the autumn and winter that we will arrange we will notify on our Voyage Call List, and possibly post info here, if places left. Inquiries for your own trips, we until other notice are not able to arrange now.

Crew Contribution 2019: prizes for 1 cabin (1-2 people) per 1 night (2 days):

 175e* / 240e / 500e

Budget* / Regular / Deluxe or (private) EVENT
*(Lowered prize for whom in need - CONTACT beforehand if you think no other option is possible for you).

Budget and Regular prizes: other pair may join the trip possible to another cabin. Includes quality meals, teaching and regular Crew Positions for the Voyage.

Deluxe Prize: no others will join unless you wish so. Includes quality meals, Diploma, Captain's Sweet 5 star Cabin and reservation fee.


Somebody offering nearly free sailing adventures!


We are happy to plan tailored trip according your wishes. Contact for more details, but let us know:

-How many would join a trip?

- Date(s) / How far would you prefer to go?

- Shall we invite others (if you're very few) or not? (may make it just a bit cheaper for you)

- Is there a special happening ie. birthday or eager to geocache etc. that would be brilliant include in the plan?

We plan the route according your wishes, estimating winds and finding optimal destinations.



Volunteers & Friends

If you sailed with us before; if you gave some volunteering work and effort for Fareata; or if you know us somewhere else, we might like to sail with you (again)! So contact us for direct reservation and you get naturally different "pricing" depending on your situation. We also like to

- Co-operate: change a trip something you value as honey or movie doc about us

- Set up sailing art exhibition/ dance festival/ pop-up restaurant in the boat

Guideline to our trips: