The Natural Park


Far away island at the outer archipelago, Utö is an island "where Finland begins" (or ends, depending where from do you come from... ;-)

Utö is the Southernmost inhabited island in Finland, with ca. 40 people living there year-round. Utö has lot to explore and see: the nature is elvish, there's summer restaurant, school, ambitious light-house surrounded by an idyllic village, history, Geo-caches, quest house / tenting area / hotel, a Pilot station and little shop & cafe. Free ferry m/s Eivor visits the island nearly daily basis from Pärnäs. Genuine harbors for every boat visiting Finland.

TRAVEL: m/s Eivor takes about 4-5 hrs from Utö to Pärnäs (or vive versa) depending on the winds and possible other islands to pass by. There are buss connection to/from Pärnäs from Turku, so visiting Utö is easy even without own boat. Or then come with us!

Utö is one of the special places we may visit during "Natural Park" tours on the outer archipelago (routes that last more or 4 days ie. from Nauvo to Korpoström or vive versa).


Jurmo is an exceptional island by it's miraculous nature. She is wide but extremely narrow shred of rocks on the low sea level. Magical heather makes the island feel special. Many bird watchers, travelers and nature people visit the island yearly, even during winter.

Jurmo's on the route of free ferry m/s Eivor, as the second-last inhabited island after Utö. There's cottages to rent year-round, but tenting is popular during summer as well. Walking from side to side is approx. half kilometers or 2,3 km, depending which side you walk. On routes to "National Park" (ie. Nauvo-Korpoström or vive versa) is best possibility to visit Jurmo.

Sauna booking in the harbour is approx. 15e/hour.

Desert Islands

The empty space...

What could travel look more than spending a day or two on desert rocks?

Most of our routes, including both Nature Park and Inner archipelago islands,  offers some really good spots to visit desert islands and their sun shiny rock beaches. Is there any better way to spent "summer office" than meditate by the sea? Swim, exercise, eat by bonfire or just relax and let your thoughts get refreshed.

The Inner Archipelago


Seili is a special island on the Inner part of the archipelago (Nauvo-Seili-Nauvo or Turku-Seili-Nauvo). She is most known from her eventful history. In the past, Seili was used as a mental hospital center for incorrigible ill or odd people.

Today's Seili is established as a living museum. Part of the historic buildings are in use of Turku University as environment research stations. There's accommodation to rent, cafe and a restaurant. Also ferries as ms Fanny and ms Östern travel there from Nauvo and Turku on regular basis.

For us, Seili offers nice place to spot by for a night or day during our cruise near Nauvo and Turku.

Vepsä & Maisaari

The easy islands close by..

Vepsä is an island close by to Turku. It is easy to visit during day for a picnic lunch or swimming.

Maisaari is reachable from Turku and Nauvo for night trips and is a good option in the inner archipelago routes if easy access to land is needed. Both islands offer basic facilities (as "dry" outdoor toilets) and some sort of activities as Frisbee golf, grass fields, sauna, cafe/bar,  Geo-cachces etc. They are owned by Turku city as the "city's outdoor islands" and serve boaters in that matter very well!

Åland Islands

Life by the Sea

Vikings and ancient seafaring....

Åland Islands are self--government archipelago area between Finland and Sweden, belonging to Finland. Her capital city Mariehamn has ca 12.000 inhabitants, but the many islands and municipalities around there offer lot of  interesting places, desert islands and historical ports to visit: by castles, farms, viking villages, nature trails, light houses and so on.

Common places to visit in Ålands, among the main city Mariehamn, are Kökär, Sottunga, Bomarsund, Föglö, Seglinge and the many more islands!

Travel to Ålands by ferry Viking Line, approx. 6 hrs and 10-20e/ way (Turku - Mariehamn). Ferry leaves early around 08am and reaches Mariehamn around 13pm. Check more & get online tickets ->

And the many other destinations...